How magento store password and validate password – Magento

Magento uses MD5 and salt algorithems to store password for customer as well admin user.

How magento create encrypted password

Magento create encrypted password with,


Here is the logic of decrypt($password) function,

 $password = "12345678";
 $salt = "at";
 $encyPasswod = md5($salt.$pass).":".$salt;

In above function, $salt is randomly generated string of two alphanumeric character.

How magento validate password

Bellow functiona will validate the user password,

Mage::getModel('customer/customer')->authenticate($email, $password);

Logic behind above function is,

 $email = "";
 $password = "123456";

 //Load a customer by email address
 $customer = Mage::getModel('customer/customer')

 // if loaded! get stored password from database
 $hash = $customer->getData("password_hash");

 // Get last two digits separate by :";
 $hashArr = explode(':', $hash);

 public function validateHash($password, $hash)
     $hashArr = explode(':', $hash);
     switch (count($hashArr)) {
         case 1:
             return $this->hash($password) === $hash;
         case 2:
             return $this->hash($hashArr[1] . $password) === $hashArr[0];
     Mage::throwException('Invalid hash.');

So, it simply means that even if you have not added salt key and only MD5 text as password, login will work.


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