Magento – Pass variables to block

With this post I will described various ways to pass variables to block.

1. Run time in PHTML file

$productId = 10;
$this->getChild('testblock')->setData("productId", $productId);
echo $this->getChildHtml('testpage', fales);

NOTE: second parameter ‘false’ is to tell, not to cache block.

2. Pass variables from a layout to a block
Yes, We can insert variable into a block from layout xml file as bellow,

<reference name="root">
   <block type="yourmodule/testblock" name="testpage">
        <action method="setData"><name>product_id</name><value>10</value></action>

Using the action tag with the method=”setData” attribute. Its child tags name and value to set variable and its value.
setData method of block is called when the system loads layout. name, value tags are parameters of setData method.

In block file you can access this by,

$productId = $this->getProductId(); 
$productId = $this->getData(‘product_id’);

3. Used in CMS page
we can put variables into a block by,

{{block type="yourmodule/testblock" product_id=10 template="module/yourmodule/bestproduct.phtml"}}

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